Mewat Rising School Campus

Why is there the need of educational revolution in Mewat?

It is revealed from the study of the period of ignorance to the campaign of religious preaching that this immensely talented and ambitious 92 per cent Muslim population has no per cent of representation even in the services of common government institutions like post ofce, bank, school, hospital, ofce, police station, block, division, etc

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Introduction of Mewat area

Adjoining to India’s capital New Delhi, a specic area of the states of Haryana and Rajasthan is called as ‘Mewat’. The area of Mewat comprises 92 per cent Muslim majority population, which is geographically situated just at the distance of 70 kms southwest of the national capital, New Delhi. The area of Mewat comprises two districts— Alwar and Bharatpur of the state of Rajasthan, while Nuh and Faridabad districts of Haryana.

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The Plight of Mewati Muslims

Despite being very near from the Indian capital, New Delhi, the condition of Mewati Muslims from educational and economical perspective is much worse than other Muslim populations of India.
Where other reasons behind the backwardness of the Mewati Muslims in every sphere of life are prevalent, there itself an important reason behind such scenario in this fast changing world is their being devoid of modern education. Though the partial part of this populace of Mewati inhabitants is cognizant of religious education, the community has not even passed through the environs of modern education and this has been the most substantial reason behind the backwardness of the Muslims in Mewat.

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Mewat in Historical Backdrop

The Muslims of Mewat have a bright history. In the rst battle of freedom fought in India against the British government in 1857, more than ten thousand warriors of this community had sacriced their lives with pleasure while ghting for the sake of India's freedom.

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